Tiny Tin Puzzles is a division of Livingstone Puzzles, a boutique puzzle company located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in Bend, Oregon. All our puzzles are made here in Oregon using American made chipboard. Our designs are original artwork and photography by Ginger Livingston Sanders and a few other friends and family.

Ginger Sanders
Owner | Artist

Ginger is the artist and customer service gal. She’s always has a camera in her hand. Her photo credits include numerous magazines, book covers, children’s books, and the walls of several Applebees. Ginger is also a digital artist, an avid caver and she loves to travel. Once a year she goes to Nicaragua to help with a special needs school mostly working with deaf children.  A mom to 7 grown children and many grandchildren, Ginger knows how to keep everything running smoothly

Jerry Vega
Owner | Production

Jerry, our US Army veteran, is the husband, handyman, Apple tech guru, printer, puzzle cutter and shipping master.   Jerry is a big fan of Star Trek, Blue Bloods and all the Marvel shows.  He does all cooking, laundry and most of the house cleaning. He also can milk a goat and make cheese. I once saw him rope a runaway goat with an orange extension cord! (Sorry ladies, he’s taken.). Ginger and Jerry have been together since junior high

Cassie Sanders
Printer | Web

Cassie is #5 of 7 of the Sanders-Vega children. She co-owns 9 Cent Color Copies in Vancouver, WA.and Phoenix, AZ.  Being as she is our daughter, owns a full service printing company and has “Puzzle Brain” as bad as we do, we collaborate. A lot.  Her main job past collaboration, is keeping mom from going cray with web mastering. (Because she actually knows what she’s doing.)

The Regal beagle

Brian came to us in the fall of 2016 from Bright Side Animal Shelter after the loss of our big old lab.  We were looking for another senior dog to give some love to. No large dogs were available.


Ginger has had beagles all her life and when she saw Brian, they fell in love. We came home with a four year old beagle. Jerry named him after Brian, the beagle in Family Guy.


Brian is our morale officer. He is in charge of treats and naps. If you happen to find a biscuit in your order, you are very special and you must need it.

The boss lady

Leena joined us in the fall of 2018 from Three Rivers Humane Society.  She is a cross between a basset hound and a border collie. She had been a feral dog on a reservation to the north.


It was freezing cold, Ginger sat on the ground. After about ten minutes, Leena came out from under a bench and walked slowly to her. She was so frightened, her legs were shaking, she almost face-planted twice but she came. That was that. Anything that brave, deserves a home.


Leena makes sure all the shipping is done properly.

The Supervisor

Meeko is Facebook famous as “The Supervisor”. She has to be overseeing any and all projects.


A few years ago the snow load here was so great that our trusses failed. The whole main room of the house had to be rebuilt. Meeko became a Facebook icon and has continued in that role.


She is in charge. Period. There will be supervision.. Look at that face. Are you going to argue with her?

Mo - The Die
Mini Mozilla

Mini Mozilla is our Tiny Tin die. “Mo” for short.
She’s named after Ginger’s niece, Morgan, who is both fun and an intricate puzzle!

American Made
Veteran Owned

Our puzzles are made in Bend, Oregon by our US Army veteran Jerry.

Our designs are homegrown here also. Photography and digital art by Ginger Livingston Sanders

100% Money Back

We want you to be happy. Well, Leena and Brian for sure want you to be happy! (Okay, yes, all of us.)

If there’s a problem, missing piece, or you just think it’s an ugly puzzle :'( We’ll make it right.