Frequently Asked Questions

About First Edition Run Puzzles

First Edition Run

The first 100 puzzles cut of each design in the 100 and 500 piece size have the “First Edition Run” emblem on them.

They do not cost any more, they’re just extra special. Once they’re sold out. That’s it! The emblem goes away.

What Kind of Puzzle Pieces do Livingstone Puzzles Have?

Variety Ribbon Cut

All our puzzles have various puzzle shapes that are ribbon cut similar to the this image.

Do Livingstone Puzzles come with a Poster?


All our puzzles have a poster in them.  The Tiny Tin Puzzles have a Tiny Poster and all other puzzles have a full size poster that is 11in x 14in.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Two Factors: Production Time and Shipping Time

If we already have the puzzle in stock it ships within 2 Business Days. If we don’t have the puzzle in stock it takes up to 1 week to ship.

We ship most items via USPS

Puzzles should arrive within 3 Business Days after the item shipped.  This means most puzzles should arrive 5 to 10 Business Days after the order is placed.