Eastern State Penitentiary-Al Capone’s Cell

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Eastern State Penitentiary-Al Capone’s Cell

Part of our Eastern State Penitentiary series. (There will be more!)
Ginger had always wanted to go here. It’s one of the most haunted placed in America. Fortunately, her mom lives about 15 minutes away so they set off one winter day.
This picture has its own story.
“I was all set up to take the picture and just as I pressed the shutter someone shoved me HARD. The picture came out quite blurry.
I thought it was my mom playing a trick on me, but when I looked for her, she was about 50 ft away down another cell block. We were the only ones there that day. No one else was near me.
I said “Al Capone, STOP BEING A JERK!” and took this image.” ~Ginger

Photograph by Ginger Livingston Sanders


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