Niagara Waterwheel

Niagara Waterwheel

For many years every time I drove across the pass from Central Oregon to the coast, I saw this red waterwheel. Every time I said “I need to stop sometime and photograph it.”

In late October of 2019, on our way to my brother’e surprise 50th birthday party, the fall color was too good to pass up and we stopped. I am so glad we did.

Around September 10, 2020 a wildfire decimate a whole section of the Sanitam Pass taking whole towns in it’s path, including Niaraga. The wheel itself, including it’s bright red paint, survived with minimal damage but nothing around it made it through, including the home of the owners.

A portion of the sales from the Niaraga Waterwheel puzzles are being donated back to it’s restoration.

Currently In First Edition Run (But running out soon)


Tiny Tin – 150 Pieces, Standard – 500 Pieces, Large Size – 100 Pieces


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