Boiler Bay Boiler

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Boiler Bay Boiler

Most people think “Boiler Bay” (Oregon) is named for the way the water boils up in the cove.
Actually, it’s named that for the large boiler that sits underwater.
The J. Marhoffer was a steamboat that wrecked on May 18, 1910 in Boiler Bay, just south of Lincoln City, Oregon. While on her way to Portland under the command of Captain Gustav Peterson, the ship caught fire and ran aground at what was then known as Brigg’s Landing. Her boiler still sits in the small inlet and just north of Depoe Bay. Occasionally VERY low tides reveal the remains of the J. Marhoffer’s boiler.
Knowing the tides were going to be at record lows we made a run to the coast the night before. Before dawn Ginger, Jerry, her brother John and his wife, Cindy went to where they guessed the boiler might be, climbed down the rain soaked cliffs, and found the boiler and took this picture.
Photography by Ginger





Tiny Tin – 150 Pieces, Standard – 500 Pieces, Large Size – 100 Pieces


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