The Newbill House

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The Newbill House

The Newbill house is a strange, eerie place. (Especially since Ginger was there on Halloween!)
She really wanted to get in closer to it, but the gate was locked. Soon, a woman, a man and a daschund showed up in an old truck right to the gate.
The woman told Ginger the combination but only because she could “See the halo around her” and declared Ginger an angel. (Trust me on this…….it’s unlikely.) Plus. the dog hates people and since he let Ginger pet him without biting her…she must be an angel.
She said “Please don’t go inside the house and if you see the bull coming…run, or fly.”
You just can’t make this stuff up.
Truly an adventure.
Photography by Ginger





Tiny Tin – 150 Pieces, Standard – 500 Pieces, Large Size – 100 Pieces


Animals, Artistic